Cadifra UML Editor – The Fastest UML Tool for Windows

Cadifra UML Editor generates UML diagrams which can be embedded into Microsoft Word documents. The download file is only 1MB in size.


  • Windows based – Cadifra UML Editor functions on Windows 7, Vista and XP.
  • Word Compatible – UML diagrams generated with this application can be embedded directly into Microsoft Word documents.
  • Undo and Redo – There is unlimited undo and redo options, which allows users to continuously edit and rearrange their UML flowchart diagrams.
  • Style Editor – Define fonts of texts of families of UML elements using the style editor included in this application.
  • Connectors – Cadifra UML Editor makes use of intelligent connectors.


Cadifra UML Editor can be downloaded as a free 30 day trial. Subsequently it is priced at $30 per license. Pricing information can be found here.


Those who require a fast UML Editor should look into this product. It is very keenly priced and is highly functional and efficient.

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