Cute Flowchart (previously known as Smarcha)

Cute Flowchart is a desktop-based dedicated flowchart design tool. It operates by integration with Microsoft Office.


  • Integration – Cute Flowchart integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and can be operated through this interface.
  • Export – Flowcharts can be exported using a range of image file formats. These include jpg, bmp, gif etc.
  • Vector Graphics – Flowcharts can also be exported as vector graphic files. This allows for the same high quality of graphics when zooming in or out.
  • Templates – A number of flowchart templates are provided with this application, allowing for simple and fast creation of charts.


Cute Flowchart can be purchased here, where it is priced at $9.95.


This is a simple and very cheaply priced application, which would be invaluable for those looking for a basic solution to their flowcharting needs.

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