Diagram Designer – Free Flowcharting Software

Diagram Designer is a desktop-based diagramming application that functions on Windows operating systems. It is freeware, and is compatible with all versions of Windows from 98 up to Windows 7.


  • Compressed files – Each file created using Diagram Designer is compressed so as to take up less space on your hard drive.
  • Formats – You can input and export files in a range of formats, including BMP, JPG, PNG, PCX, GIF and more.
  • Languages – There is a large language pack available with this software, which has a collection of eighteen translations.
  • Object palette – Users select from a range of preconfigured objects in order to create their diagram. However, all of these objects are customisable.


Diagram Designer is freeware, and can be accessed here.


Diagram Designer is another simple yet effective diagramming tool. Editing text and adding features such as bold type or italics requires some HTML knowledge however.

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