Diagramo – Diagrams. Organisation Charts. Graphs.

Diagramo is a web-based diagramming application that can be used for many professional diagrams, including flowcharts and organisation charts.


  • Share – Diagrams created with Diagramo can be easily shared. Non-Diagramo users can also view these diagrams with no download or purchasing requirements.
  • HTML – The Diagramo interface is in Rich HTML 5. Flash plug-ins are not used, and the application runs in a similar manner to a normal desktop program.
  • No Plug-ins – Users do not need to download or install any plug-ins or extensions for their browsers in order to use Diagramo.
  • Charts – A number of diagrams and charts can be created using this application. It is suitable for flowcharts, organisation charts, graphs and more.


You can download a basic version of Diagramo as a free application on your server here. The private server version of Diagramo can be purchased for $299. Further information is available here.


If you only want a good diagramming tool that has basic functionality, then the free version of Diagramo is perfect for your needs. Those who require better functionality may wish to opt for a paid version.

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