Draw Magic: Visualise All Your Flowcharts, Diagrams and Business Plans

Draw Magic is a desktop-based diagramming tool from Antechnius Creative Software. It allows for quick and efficient diagramming, and has a range of applications. It functions on Windows Operating Systems only.


  • Compatibility – Draw Magic files are compatible with Microsoft Office documents, and can be added to any Word or Powerpoint files.
  • Fully Customisable Shapes - There are a number of preset shapes to choose from, which can be can be customised as required.
  • Libraries – There are a range of elements stored within libraries. User created diagrams can also be stored in libraries for reuse at a later date.
  • Connectors – The connectors can be added to your flowchart using a few simple clicks. They automatically readjust if elements are moved.


You can purchase a copy of Draw Magic for $49.95. Further details are available here.


The key features of this product are its use of libraries and its high degree of customisability. While it does appear slightly dated it is ideal for flowcharting.

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