DrawPlus X4 – Powerful Drawing and Graphics Made Easy

DrawPlus X4 is a highly detailed drawing application developed by Serif. It is capable of highly detailed artistic work, along with flowcharts and other organisational diagrams.


  • Vector Graphics – DrawPlus X4 uses vector graphics, which allows for a high level of detail.
  • Intelligent Quick Shapes – There are a number of preset shapes that can be used to create your flowcharts. These shapes are intelligent in that they can easily be edited to form new objects.
  • Compatibility – There are 18 file types which can be used with this application.
  • Import – Photoshop and Illustrator files can be imported into DrawPlus X4 for further editing.
  • Connectors – Live connectors can be added to flowcharts and organisational diagrams.


DrawPlus X4 can be purchased for £81.69, with optional download protection at an additional £4.99. Further information can be found at this address.


While DrawPlus X4 is aimed more towards graphic designers and illustrators, this application offers a range of features that make flowchart design quick and easy, while also generating high quality results.

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