Edge Diagrammer from Pacestar Software

Pacestar Software produce a number of flowcharting applications, but Edge Diagrammer is the top of the range. It is the most versatile of their products, and it also comes with free extension packs.

Flowchart example.


  • Shape Library – There are hundreds of predefined shapes supplied in a shape gallery.
  • Templates – There is a selection of flowchart templates available and users can also create their own customised charts.
  • Snap Grid and Alignment – Edge Diagrammer has a number of features which help to ensure that chart elements are correctly aligned and sized.
  • Import – External diagrams can be imported is a range of formats including JPG, BMP, EMF etc.
  • Export - Diagrams can be exported in image formats, or copy pasted into another application.
  • Web pages – You can also turn your diagrams into web pages by adding a hyperlink.


You can purchase Edge Diagrammer’s Single User Licence Download for $139.95, or in a CD ROM format for $149.95. A Home and Student version is also available for just $59.95, but it has some restrictions. You can access this software here.


Again the features list on this application is quite impressive. This is a relatively inexpensive product that offers a comprehensive flowcharting solution that is suitable for business and home use.

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