Flow Charting 6 from Patton & Patton – Excellence in Charting the Flow of Ideas!

Flow Charting 6 is the latest in a line of flowcharting products from Patton & Patton, who were established in 1983. This is a Windows only application.


  • Layout – Flow Charting 6 offers a number of layout options, including customisable streaming.
  • Quick Insert – Shapes that are used repeatedly throughout the chart can be generated using a Quick Insert feature.
  • Autosave – Charts will be saved automatically following each command.


The Single User version of Flow Charting 6 is available at a price of $99. There is also a range of User LAN versions available, at various prices. Further information can be found here.


This is a basic flowcharting tool. It allows users to generate flowcharts very quickly, but the graphics are slightly old fashioned.

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