Flowchart.com: Online Flowchart Software With Realtime Collaboration

Flowchart.com is a web-based flowcharting tool, that allows for real-time user collaboration between teams. Flowchart functions with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox,  Google Chrome, Konqueror and Opera.


  • Multi-page flowcharts – Spread your flowcharts over multiple pages.
  • UI-based flowcharting – Simple flowcharting using pre-designed UI elements. No need to install any plug-ins.
  • Collaboration – Real-time collaboration with online chat.
  • Record and Playback - Flowcharts can be recorded and then set to playback during presentations.
  • Embedding – You can embed your flowcharts into any website.


In order to register for Flowchart, you must provide your email address in order to request an invitation, as the software is currently in beta mode. You can request an invitation at http://flowchart.com/ .


There is currently no pricing information for Flowchart.com, and the product is still in development. However it does promise a range of features when it is fully developed.

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