Gliffy Flowchart Software – Free online flowcharting

Gliffy offers a range of free online services, including wireframing applications and diagramming and flowcharting software. The Flowchart Software application is therefore completely web-based and runs on any browser on a Mac OS X or Windows operating system.

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  • Range of Flowcharts – There is a wide selection of flowcharts that can be made with this application, including data flow diagrams, mind maps and organization charts.
  • Library – There is a collection of shapes that can be used to create each diagram, using a drag and drop feature.
  • Share – You can share your diagrams with any other Gliffy users, and view other public flowcharts.
  • Collaborate – A team of Gliffy users can work on any diagram, with editing capabilities.
  • Cross Platform - Both Windows and Mac users can work on the same flowchart, as Gliffy operates through a web browser.


Gliffy is free of charge and you can try it without registering. If you want to save your flowcharts it is advisable to register on the Gliffy site.


There is a decent range of features available on Gliffy, especially for a free application. The online collaborative features are an asset, especially the cross platform functionality.

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