GoVisual Diagram Editor – Powerful Functionality for Editing and Layout of Diagrams

The GoVisual Diagram Editor has been designed to quickly and efficiently create a number of different types of diagrams. It is desktop-based and is free to download.


  • Graphing – Charts and graphs are created using nodes edges and clusters.
  • Templates – There are 7 preset layouts available to users of GoVisual, these layout styles can also be animated.
  • Export – Diagrams can be exported in each of the standard formats, JPG, PNG etc. Multi-page printing is also available.
  • Layout Editing – You can adjust nodes, lines, edges etc., and format them using a range of colours and fonts.


GoVisual Diagram Editor is free to download, and can be accessed here.


This is a very simply yet functional diagramming tool. With it you will be able to create flowcharts and other organisational diagrams to suit your requirements.

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