iGrafx Flowcharter: Enabling Process Excellence

iGrafx Flowcharter is a desktop based process analysis and modelling tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including flowcharts, pick charts, process maps etc. It is compatabile with Windows XP or later only.

iGrafx Screenshot


  • Themes – iGrafx Flowcharter lets you predefine a theme and colour scheme that can highlight various aspects of your diagram.
  • Export – You can export your flowcharts as PDF, web and Microsoft Office files.
  • Import – You can import files from Microsoft Visio and edit them in iGrafx Flowcharter.
  • Elements – There is a selection of flowcharts elements to choose from, to represent various decision paths etc.


You can purchase iGrafx Flowcharter for $650 at http://www.igrafx.com/products/flowcharter/ .


iGrafx can be used to generate a wide range of diagrams and not just flowcharts. It can be a useful business intelligence diagramming aid, as it can also create process maps and other business related charts.

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