Inkscape. Draw Freely.

Inkscape is an open source vector diagramming tool that is also desktop based. It operates on Mac and Windows operating systems.


  • Open Source – Inkscape is open source and free to download, giving users complete freedom with how they choose to use this applicatio.
  • Vector Graphics – Inkscape offers very high quality graphics as it is a scalable vector drawing tool. This means that your flowcharts can be rendered to a very high standard.
  • Drawing Tools – A number of drawing tools are available to the user, and the object manipulation features allow shapes to be rotated and altered easily.
  • Shape Tools – Standard flowchart shapes such as rectangles and circles can be created using the dedicated tools.


Inkscape is free to download and can be accessed here.


While this is a high quality diagramming tool it does require a level of familiarity with vector graphics. Therefore this is not a suitable flowcharting application for most business users.

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