Insight Diagrammer from MindFusion

Insight Diagrammer is a professional desktop-based diagramming tool that has a strong bias towards flowcharts, workflows and other similar diagrams.

Database Diagram


  • Templates – There are preset templates available for use with Insight Diagrammer, which allow for rapid flowcharting especially by those who are unfamiliar with this process.
  • Libraries – 17 distinct libraries are provided, with over 600 preset shapes and images. This allows user to simply drag and drop the shapes into position on the chart.
  • Layouts – There are three preset flowchart layouts that can be used, Tree, Spring and Layered.
  • Export – Files can be exported in the usual formats.


Insight Diagrammer is priced at $45 and can be purchased here.


This is a straight forward application that is easy to use. The large selection of shapes, templates and layouts means that flowcharts can be created rapidly.

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