JDiagram from MindFusion

JDiagram is a Java-based diagramming tool from MindFusion. This is a desktop-based application which allows you to create complicated flowcharts in minutes, using minimal coding.

JDiagram screenshot


  • Java-based – As JDiagram is Java-based, users can customise its appearance and its behaviour.
  • Drag and Drop – Diagrams can be set up using standard drag and drop techniques, making for fast and efficient flowchart creation.
  • Templates - There is a large selection of automatic layouts, which provide the framework for your diagrams and charts.
  • Nodes – There are 87 predefined node shapes, which can be edited, rotated, resized etc.
  • Export – Files can be exported in the usual file formats, HTML, PDF, SVG, jpg, gif, through Java Swing and as applets.


You can purchase a Single Developer License without Source Code for $300. If you wish to avail of the source code as well this will cost you $650. A range of pricing options are available and further information can be found here.


This software is best suited to those who are familiar with the Java programming language. The option to purchase the source code allows experienced programmers to tweak the application to suit their particular requirements.

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