JGraph – Visualise Everything

JGraph is a web-based diagramming application which operates with most common web browsers. It is also possible to download mxGraph, a related application that operates in any web browser.


  • No download – It is possible to access the full functionality of JGraph online. Through use of JavaScript users can create detailed charts in their browser windows, without the need for cookies or plugins.
  • Charts – Any types of charts can be created using this application. Simple drag and drop features allow users to layout their flowcharts simply and quickly.
  • Layouts – There are a range of preset layouts available to users of JGraph. They include flowcharts, organizational charts etc.


A single user Gold Support Package, which lasts for 12 months, is priced at $6,800. There is also the option of 3 month Silver Support Packages, which cost $4,900. Further information can be found at this address.


This is a very handy application that puts minimal demands on the computer or operating system. As it can be run online from any computer, this makes it invaluable for business teams and large organisations.

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