Mindfusion’s WpfDiagram – Flowchart Control

WpfDiagram is a drawing software application from Mindfusion. It facilitates the creation of flowcharts, organisational schemes and much more. This is a desktop-based tool, which functions on Windows machines.

WpfDiagram - Features


  • Diagramming Features – User interaction modes, panning, scrolling and zooming, plus a range of additional editing features.
  • Import – Diagrams can be imported as XML documents, ASCII strings, .NET strings, etc.
  • Export – Flowcharts can be exported using WpfDiagram as bitmap, jpg, png, HTML, hard copy, Windows Presentation Foundation displays and more.
  • Preset Graphical Elements - Up to 87 predefined node shapes, variable arrow segments, scrollable tables, etc.


A single user licence for WpfDiagram, without source code, can be purchased directly from Mindfusion for $600. Further information is available here.


This diagramming tool is a little bit dated, but can still perform adequately. It has a large selection of features, which can be viewed on the company website.

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