Nevron Diagram – Visualize Your Success

Nevron Diagram for .NET is designed to allow users to extend their ASP.NET applications and WinForms with interactive graphics and charts.


  • Library – There is a library of drawing clippings which can be used to create flowcharts and other diagrams.
  • Drawing – Shapes are laid out in a document to create a flowchart. The option to create layered and complex charts exists.
  • Export – Flowcharts created by Nevron Diagram can be exported as vector diagrams, BMP, SVG, PNG files etc.
  • Automatic Layouts – Flowcharts can be created using templates. Users can choose between a range of Tree Layouts, Graph and Cells Layouts.


There is a range of purchasing options for Nevron Diagram. The lowest priced option is Nevron Diagram for .NET Pro, which costs $589. The full pricing structure can be viewed here.


Nevron Diagram can be used to set up thick client diagramming applications, and also thin client diagramming applications, using only a few controls.

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