Novagraph Chartist: Flowchart and Organization Chart Software

Novagraph Chartist is a desktop-based application that specialises in flowchart and organisational software. It operates on Windows only, and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Deployment Flowchart


  • Libraries – A selection of hundreds of preset shapes are available, stored in a range of libraries.
  • Automatic Connectors - Connectors appear automatically when shapes are placed and adjust when elements are moved or deleted.
  • Compatibility – Chartist diagrams and elements can be copied into other Windows diagrams.
  • Internet – Chartist flowcharts can be exported as graphics files for use in web pages. A Chartist diagram can also be converted directly into a web page.


The Standard Edition of Chartist is available for $34.50, while the Professional Edition is sold at a price of $54.50. Purchases can be made here.


Chartist is a relatively cheap diagramming tool that has been created with rapid flowcharting in mind. It is also very intuitive and no training is required.

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