OmniGraffle for Mac: Diagramming Worth a Thousand Words

OmniGraffle is a desktop based diagramming application for Mac and iPad. It has a wide range of diagramming applications, including flowcharting, wireframing etc.


  • Style Tray – A separate style tray is positioned at the bottom of the screen, which includes features that can be dragged and dropped to create a flowchart.
  • Auto Layout – Your diagram can be automatically rearranged according to preset rules. A hierarchical layout will position your elements in a tree format, while other options can be customised.
  • Multiple page documents – All of your diagrams can be designed to incorporate multiple pages. Spread your flowchart over a number of pages, or divide your data into separate related charts, all of which will be included in the same image file.
  • Export – You can export your images in a number of formats, including vector PICT. All standard exports and imports are supported.


A basic licence for OmniGraffle 5 can be purchased for $99.95. Other license options are available, at higher prices. The Omni online store can be accessed here.


This software is for use on MAC or iPad only. You must specify which operating system you are using before you purchase. There are also two versions of OmniGraffle currently on the market, standard and pro. The pro version has more comprehensive features, but is significantly more expensive.

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