Synthis Process Modeler R4

The Synthis Process Modeler R4 is a flowcharting tool that is geared towards process maps. It is designed for Windows operating systems only.



  • Drag and Drop – Flowcharting with Synthis is very simple, and most elements can simply be placed using a drag and drop feature.
  • Drill Down – It is possible to include additional information in a drill down format on your flowchart.
  • Daisy Chain – Multiple flowcharts can be linked together in a ‘daisy chain’ format.
  • Web publishing – Flowcharts can be shared on the internet through Synthis Maps.
  • Third Party Apps – Certain web and third party applications can be linked to in your Synthis flowcharts.


Currently it is possible to purchase the complete version of Synthis Process Modeler R4 for the upgrade price of $269. Typically this software costs $495. Further information is available here.


The option to link flowcharts and process maps on the internet will be attractive to many users, as will the drill down and linking features.

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