TeamFlow – Team-based Process Mapping and Flowchart Software

TeamFlow offer a selection of applications that feature Development Flowcharting. These applications are specifically aimed at teams, and the flowcharts display detailed information on assignment allocations within a group.

  • Cross Platfrom – TeamFlow X functions on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Development Flowcharting – Each team is listed across the top of the flowchart, and process steps are aligned vertically under the names of the team members working on that step.
  • Automatic Emailing – TeamFlow will automatically send emails out to team members.
  • Export – Flowcharts can be saved to XML files to share between team members.

You can purchase TeamFlow X Professional for $295. TeamFlow Basic is available for $95.
Access TeamFlow applications here: .
There are three versions of TeamFlow available for purchase, TeamFlow X Basic, TeamFlow X Professional and TeamFlow 9. TeamFlow 9 is an older version of this application and functions only on Microsoft Windows. It is still available however, as there are some features which were not carried over onto the newer versions.
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