UCCDraw Flowchart/Diagramming Application

UCCDraw is a flowchart and diagramming application that is desktop-based. Written using C++, the full source code is available to purchasers.


  • Interface – The interface for UCCDraw closely resembles that of Microsoft Visio, enabling users who are familiar with that application to quickly get to grips with its layout.
  • Drawing – Shapes can be selected and placed on the chart using the mouse. They can then be drawn, resized and formatted according to requirements.
  • Design and Measurement Features – There is an extensive list of drawing features, including measurement lines, guidelines, ‘gluing’ capabilites and insertion of images.
  • Export – Flowcharts can be printed and exported to EMF, bitmap and SVG. Files can also be viewed in a special multi-page reader.


UCCDraw can be purchased in a range of formats. The lowest priced edition is the UCCDraw OCX Enterprise Edition, which is known as the Single Team project edition. This allows up to three developers access to the application, and it is priced at $1248. Further information is available here.


The C++ source code can be purchased for this application, but it does cost almost $2000 extra. Otherwise the features list of this product is definitely worth looking at, as it is quite extensive and detailed.

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