WizFlow Flowcharter – Includes Flowchart Symbols, Shapes and Styles

WizFlow Flowcharter is a desktop-based flowcharting tool that offers fast and easy flowcharting. It functions on Windows only, and has been updated to work on Windows 7.



  • Feature Symbol Gallery – WizFlow Flowcharter comes with hundreds of predefined symbols and shapes
  • Templates – A selection of flowchart and other diagram templates are provided, including org charts, network diagrams and general purpose diagrams. You can also create your own custom diagram templates.
  • Connectors - There is a variety of options for connector design, styles and terminators.
  • Snap grid – The snap grid feature allows you to place each element of your flowchart exactly, so that everything in the diagram is perfectly aligned.
  • Export – You can export diagrams to Microsoft Word, or as JPG, WMF, BMP or EMF. Flowcharts can be copied to most other programs.


You can purchase a Single User Licence for the Standard Edition of WizFlow for $49.95, at http://www.pacestar.com/wizflow/index.html .


Like many applications, WizFlow was once free of charge. Although you must purchase it today, you can still avail of a 30 day free trial.

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